I have a Main form which is a MdiParent. How do I set all other forms to load inside of the MdiParent The property IsMdiContainer = True. Is there anything I need to do

And also I have set the other forms as Topmost, but I have a problem. The problem is, if I load IE explorer for example, the form will still be on top of the IE explorer. Any one know the problem

Re: Windows Forms General MdiParent Problem


In your MDI Parent form. Create a Menu item to open each child form. Double click the menu item to create a method. In that method create a new instance of the child form and set the MDI as it's parent then show it. Your code should looke something like this:

In this case, my MDI form is named formMain. formReciprocity is one of the child forms.

private void reciprocityToolStripMenuItem_Click ( object sender, EventArgs e )


formReciprocity recipForm = new formReciprocity ( );

recipForm.MdiParent = this;

recipForm.Show ( );


Then, in your child form enter this:

The method below centers the child form on the parent.

public formReciprocity ( Form Parent ) : this ( )


_formMain = Parent;

Size parentSize = _formMain.Size;

Size mySize = this.Size;

this.Location = new Point ( centerPosition ( parentSize.Width, mySize.Width ),

centerPosition ( parentSize.Height, mySize.Height ) );


From here all you need do is add the code for the child to perform it's functions. Add a button to Close() and you're done.