For the sake of this question, let's say I have an app written in C# (VS 2005). The app references a COM DLL written in VB6 called "MyComponent.dll". When I reference it, the file "Interop.MyComponent.dll" is built in my bin\debug and bin\release folders.

When I deploy my app to a user's PC (.NET framework 2.0 already installed, running XP SP2), do I need to include the "Interop.MyComponent.dll" file in my package, or does the app create it dynamically for the user The VB6 DLL is registered with COM during the install.

Background: We have mutliple developers, working on a single app, sharing one set of pre-existing VB6 COM DLLs, so when we run the app, we have Interop. .dll files from multiple locations. I am wondering if the developers need to copy their Interop. .dll to the same library folder as the VB6 COM DLLs and their resulting C# DLLs, or if the Interop. .dll files are dynamcially created.

Many thanks.

Re: ClickOnce and Setup & Deployment Projects Packaging Interop Files


Yes, you just need to install the interop Dll in the same folder as your app exe. It doesn't need registering or anything special.