Chris Wilson


I'm having problems launching a ClickOnce application from a web page in IE7.
All I'm doing is performing a call, passing the url to the *.application file for the app.

In the code below, I have two buttons:

"Launch" - This button does a, passing the *.application url. When clicking on this button, the ClickOnce application opens fine

"Popup" - This button uses the "createPopup" method to create a popup window, containing a Launch button which is essentially the same as the Launch button above. However, when I click this button on the popup, the ClickOnce application does not open. The Status bar in the browser momentarily shows the URL for the Click Once application, but the application fails to load.
The application loads fine using this method in IE6.

Code sample:

<html xmlns="" >

<script language="javascript">

function ShowPopUp()

var oPopup = window.createPopup();
ar oPopBody = oPopup.document.body; =
"lightyellow"; =
"solid black 1px";
oPopBody.innerHTML =
"<input type='button' value='Launch' onclick=\"'http://mypc/myapp/myapp.application')\" />";, 100, 180, 125, document.body);



<input type="button" value="Popup" onclick="ShowPopUp()" />
<input type="button" value="Launch" onclick="'http://mypc/myapp/myapp.application')" />


Any ideas would be very welcome.