Our website has 2 frames. The left is our menu and the right is our content (Home Page). Everything works good in IE6. When we updated our PC's to IE7, the menu links on the left side opens the new contents in a new window when testing as shown below. This problem has been confirmed by MS.

The problem occurs when we tested adding approx 6 lines of code to another website that is to be opened in our contents page. When our sample test site is opened, our menu is displayed in the left frame and our sample test website is opened in the contents window. ***(Don't worry about the site that is opened, it's only a test currently)***

The site that is opened works correctly, BUT . . .

when any of the menu links in the left frame is clicked, the page is opened into a new window. In IE6, it works correctly, even now, replacing the contents window with the new page.

In IE6, the contents window is completely replaced by the new page when our test site is opened. Again, on IE7 we get a new window, each time, when one of the menu iems are clicked.

We need a solution. Anyone interested can checkout our original site to see how the menu system works. Next, you can open our test site: and see how our code works.

Remember, IE 6 will work correctly. IE7 opens a new window when using our test site and thats bad.

Looking forward to some good help. Thanks Much.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Runs in IE6 not in IE7


The only difference I can find is that in apitherapy4me, you have a <base target="contents"> in both the index file (which contains the frameset) and the menu file, while in openoursite, you only have it in the menu file.

The <base> tag has been greatly reworked in IE7, and one thing that has changed is that you can no longer have two <base>s. Try removing the one in the index file.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Runs in IE6 not in IE7


Gentlemen & Ladies:

As you know, it works in IE6, but it does not work in IE7.

Maybe we have left something out in our explanation, so I will try my very best to explain the problem. More than 1 person at Microsoft has agreed that our code was programmed correctly for IE6 and that it worked in IE6. IT DOES NOT WORK IN IE7.

I will explain in the best manner and in the best order that I can.

1. We have a site named: and it has worked properly for some time now, using 2 frames, with no errors. Lately, we decided to add some store marketing functions to the site. FIRST SUGGESTION: Open our site and see how the links on the left menu function. They open a new page in the right frame, replacing the existing page

2. The menu page on the left is named mainmenulist.htm and the frame name is: menu. The page name on the right is named mainmenubody.htm and the fame name on the right is: showframes. The frames were constructed using FrontPage, which developed openoursite.htm There is also an index.htm page.

Now, I¡¯ll describe our addition.

3. To test our code, we used one of our existing test sites named: . On the index page we added code to the index page that would open mainmenulist.htm from and place it in the left frame. Next, we assigned a different website name in the index page of apitheraph4me and it is opened to the right of the menu into the frame named showframes. EVERYTHING WORKS FINE TO THIS POINT. We now have the menu open from openoursite and the website from apitherapy4me.

4. NOW IS THE PROBLEM . . .When you click on an item from the menu, the correct page from openoursite is opened, BUT . . . It is opened in a new window, without closing the existing website in the showframes frame. In IE6 this works correctly. In IE7 . . . It Does NOT.

5. I believe that the coding requirements in IE7 has changed so much that IE6 coding won¡¯t work in IE7.

6. I have also looked at various forums and have found other sites looking to find answers to this type of problem when using frames in IE7.

7. I will supply you with any info that you need.

8. We need this application to work, as our customers are starting to line up and they want to use this application.


If you need any sample code, please ask.


Matt @ Launchnet