I was wondering if there was a way to disable autoscroll with the mousewheel on the newest version of IE for Windows XP.

When I use the mouse wheel, it continues to scroll down and I can't stop it.... Very annoying.


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Disabling Autoscroll on IE

John Sudds - MSFT

Just to be clear, the Autoscroll feature (aka. Reader Mode) of Internet Explorer refers to clicking and holding the middle-mouse button and moving the mouse around to control the scroll location of the page. As far as I can tell, the Autoscroll feature cannot be disabled.

If you are experiencing erratic Autoscroll behavior when moving the mouse, you might try using the numeric keypad instead. Click the middle button and hold it, then use the following keys:

7upL 8up 9upR

4left 5stop 6right

1dnL 2down 3dnR

The other feature (moving the vertical scroll position with the mousewheel) can be controlled from the Mouse control panel on the Wheel tab. Set the "...lines at a time" value to something small, 3 or less.

You also might consider trying another wheel mouse to see if that fixes the problem. It sounds like the mouse itself may be to blame.