Popup menu doesnt overlap the dropdown box... popup menu is in DIV.

What to do

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development dropdown overlaps menu


I'm betting you are trying to make this work in IE6.

There was a huge bug in IE, before IE7, that Select Lists maintained an INFINITE z-order, because they were rendered as window elements (go figure)

So, what to do.

1.) If you can, deprecate your support for IE6. The browser is very old and support is waining
2.) If you must support IE6, you'll need to do one of the following.

2a.) UGLY: when you show your menu, hide the select lists (set display = 'none')
2b.) AWKWARD: design your site so that the menu can never overlap a select list
2c.) PAINFUL: design your own GUI version of a select list to replace the browser version
2d.) BEST (YET STILL PAINFUL): when you display your menu, just before you display it, render an IFRAME element underneath it with the exact same dimensions... and likewise destroy it, when you hide the menu.

Option #1 is obviously the ultimate, and based on the current market data, this should be possible for most "Internet" based sites by late Q1 2008.

(and for any nay-sayers... ask yourself... seriously... March 2008, if you are still using IE6, you *can't* expect the web to still work in your browser... get Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE7)

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development dropdown overlaps menu



Will try with Iframe