Suggestion: drag page when moving mouse while holding down mouse button

Moving the mouse while holding the button down currently has no assigned purpose in IE7. In the Acrobat PDF viewer (and other viewers such as Google Earth, Virtual Earth, etc) this drags the "page" as the mouse moves. IE should do the same. Besides compatibility with other viewers, this allows for less mouse movement (i.e. looking for the elivator in the scroll bar) to move up/down as you read text (or taking your hand off the mouse to find the page-up/down buttons.)

Not everyone has a "wheel mouse". I'm using a Versapoint RF wireless keyboard to type this on a full screen IE7 showing on a large screen HDTV driven by Vista. The "rocker" mouse built into this keyboard is slow at going over to the scroll bar (and it is not all that easy to see on the TV)... I can increase the text size to make it easy to read/type text, but the scroll bar does not increase in size correspondingly).

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Suggestion: drag page when moving mouse while holding down mouse button


Sounds like the ideal thing to add in an Extension.

I don't think it would be very easy in IE to accomplish this, but I'm sure the developer community for Firefox would be more than willing to help... in fact there may already be an extension for this.

In fact... http://perso.orange.fr/marc.boullet/index.html has an extension for this... you just right-click (and hold) to "pin" the page, then drag whereever you want.