I am using IWebBrowser2 to implement a web browser in my application.

When calling IInternetSession::RegisterMimeFilter to register a temporary pluggable MIME filter, like...

pInternetSession->RegisterMimeFilter(pMyMimeFilterFactory, CLSID_NONE, L"text/xml");

It appears that the pwzType parameter (L"text/xml" above) needs to have the exact Content-Type specified, including the encoding.

For example, the above call using L"text/xml" will not register the filter for L"text/xml; encoding=utf-8".

And for that matter, using L"text/xml; encoding=utf-8" will not work if the http response has the

Content-Type: "text/xml;encoding=utf-8" (that is without the space between ; and encoding;

So, do I really have to make a call to RegisterMimeFilter with EVERY possible Content-Type encoding string