Here's our situation.

We have a website that allows specific people to login, view a flash presentation, and at the end of this presentation a hidden div is displayed which lets them click on a button (asp:linkbutton) to indicate they have watched the presentation.

The flash presentation plays to the end correctly, but when an IE7 user clicks on the asp:linkbutton, the browser is crashing.

The presentations range from 20-50 minutes long. Our sessions are set to last 120 minutes, so they shouldn't be timing out.

While we didn't generate the flash presentations, we have worked with two different companies to have different presentations created. We are getting the same problem from the flash movies created by both companies.

This problem doesn't occur at all in IE6.

Has anyone found any info about it Is this a known issue Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 Crashes With Flash?


Also, all tests were done using the latest version of the Flash Player.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 Crashes With Flash?


We've narrowed down the problem some. The flash movie works correctly on its own. The site works correctly on its own.

Using IE7, when a flash movie makes a javascript call using the getURL() method, IE7 somehow corrupts. Any attempt to use a .net postback at that point is causing the browser to crash.

This even happens when I have the flash call a javascript function that contains only an alert('test'); command. I see the alert popup, and the movie continues correctly, however if I click on anything that has a postback attached to it, the browser crashes.

By crash, I mean there is an IE7 error reported to the user, the browser closes, and no postback occurs.