Ashok Teli

I have address - useragent=msie&param2=30870&a=0&xml=1

Note:if above link won't work then plz remove "msie" from the link and try once again.

When I open the link in my browser. I found that some times my link display all the items and some times only few items.

Ex: After displying few items it will display "More.." at the bottom.

Please give me solution so that every time I can see all the items whenever I load the link.

Thank you.

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development User Agent Problem


Hi Ashok,

When I open your link I see xml code...... My Internet Security Zone has 'Open files based on content and not extension' enabled.

It appears that you are rendering your content to a menu control or a context menu with the context of a Wap application/device.

The 'More..." at the bottom of your list is normal when the list contains more items than what can be rendered on the device.

I would have thought that it is normal to have separate versions for you web site for wap and PC's. It may be (I don't have any wap programming experience) that you web server is not detecting the client device context, but I see that you are passing the UserAgent parameter to your query string.

A weird guess is to try changing the name of that parameter. You may find that UserAgent is a keyword/token in your compiler or web server.