According to this MSDN page on IE7 security:

Three new keys prevent internet and intranet HTML from getting personal information from a user...These feature control keys are all "opt-in" keys; if a process wants to participate in this security feature, it needs to specifically "opt-in" by placing its process name in the registryFEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_IMG, FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_OBJECT, FEATURE_BLOCK_LMZ_SCRIPT

This can be done programmatically by using the CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled function.

This is all well and good (especially good that one can programatically set these keys), however, the MSDN page that describes the enumerated values for INTERNETFEATURELIST (which is passed to CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled()) does not list any of these LMZ keys. Apparently this page is still not up to date.

Can one of you excellent MSFT engineers tell me what the enum values of these keys for passing to CoInternetSetFeatureEnabled() should be Thanks!