hi all,

I have done work in Visual Basic 6. We automate Internet explorer using visual basic where in we insert data in text boxes of IE using VB 6. This is simple where in we use DOM of htmldocument. But currently i'm facing a problem. I have to pass data to IE tetxbox launched in Citrix environment. Im able to get only the handle of this IE, but not able to access its document. Is there any possibility using pointers Please help

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Hi Rukmang,

Citrix is not a WebBrowser!

How does Citrix work

We begin with either an enhanced version of Windows NT 4.0 (Terminal
Server Edition) or Windows 2000 with Terminal Services Installed.

Then, we add Citrix Metaframe. This product allows multiple users to
run multiple applications on the Citrix Server at the same time. When
you run applications on the Citrix Server the screen shots are sent to
your computer and, in return, your keyboard input and mouse movements
are sent to the Citrix Server.


You have to run you COM Addin for IE on the server, not the citrix client OR create a sendkeys app on the citrix client to send the keystrokes to the Citrix Metaframe rendition of IE.


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Thanks for the information on citrix. I do not have any rights on server.Only possibility is client programming. I want to avoid sendkeys as it is not very reliable(in my case multiple IE will be opened at a single click). Please do let me know if any other alternative solution exists(maybe using COM, or api's like setprop)