I am making an ActiveX control in C# approximately in the same way as described in: tutorial_id=187 (According to this article you have to have the object tag <object id="rtfcontrol" classid="">, but it does not work in my environment. I use <object id="rtfcontrol" classid="http:RtfControl.dll#devhood.rtfcontrol"> in stead.)

My control calls wtsapi32.dll to get some information about the terminal server session. The component works very well in IE 6. However, I get the error message "Object doesn't support this property or method" when I open the page with IE 7 even when the page is opened from the localhost. I suppose the IE 7 rejects the ActiveX component. Does anyone know a nice solution My control is signed and certified. I also tried IObjectSafety, but it does not help.