I would like to write some kind of addon or extension to IE7 that will allow an Explorer folder, for example C:\myProjects, to be opened directly inside of IE7 tabbed window; this will help my desktop from being so cluttered. Current, if I open a new "tabbed window" in IE7 and type in "C:\myProjects" in the address bar it opens an Windows Explorer folder outside of IE7. To me this makes no since since both IE7 and Windows Browser share the same underlying framework.

How do I go about writing such an addon and/or extension or enhancemetn to allow my IE7 browser to do this


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Command Bar button or Links toolbar button, but it wont open the folder in an IE7 tab.

Open the TIF

%systemroot%\Downloaded Program Files

or the shell protocol

shellBig Smileownloaded Program Files


shell:My Pictures

Links toolbar... this is what I do

Open windows explorer

Select Manage Favorites from the menu.

Create a new folder under the Links node... Name it so that it always appears at the top of the list... I use AAA - Local Folders.

Then click on the folders that you want to add on your list and select the Add to Favorites menu.

You can also display your links toolbar on the Taskbar for easy access to your file folders.


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Well, is there a way to write an AddOn or extend IE7 to open a folder in an IE7 tab COM, Active Controls, anything like that to do this


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No. IE7 was designed to remove the shell from the web interface for security. There are HTA tools to access the shell from IE Command buttons and menus, but these open in their own window, not in a tab.

There may be some third-party tools out there to give you a tabbed interface to the shell,

Here's something interesting

I would be wary on embarking on such an add-on, as you have to deal with issues of con-currency - updating all open windows and tabs when changes are made. There must be good reasons why MS has not done it yet.

There are options on the Folder Options dialog. Shell Explorer>Tools>Folder Options

to Open each folder in a new window or Open each folder in its own window.

The IE7 Favorites center, in History View (Order by visited today) records all internet and local files that you visit. You can use this to navigate to shell windows that are viewing files that you have previously visited in the day.

I would personally like to see a Windows menu added to IE7 like the third-party MSIE browsers like Maxthon etc. But then again this functionallity is already available with Task Bar Icon Groups.