I have problem with CSS rendering in MSIE 7 for which I am unsuccessful in
finding the solution.

Problem: Link "KolejNET" is not clickable.
Expected: Link is clickable.
Problem browser: MSIE 7 RTM
Other browsers: OK in MSIE 6 SP1, FF 1.5x, FF 2.x, Opera 9.x, Konqueror
Generalization: Problem is on all right links in general (consider from the horizontal position as "Aktualni
novinky" is to the bottom (except copyright).
Note: The problem starts when the div.main appears on the left column and
end et the same position. The div.main has margin-right set to positive
number (the right column is float: right) and it is after the right column in
the html code (in the contrast to the left logo).
Efforts done: I have tried to set up z-order or override property for these
two elements but I was unsuccessful (maybe you will be).

Have you a tip



Note: The same post I have recently posted to the html_authoring newsgroup, because of my late notice about the cancelling of that newsgroup.