Mashup Girl

I downloaded the Developer Tool Bar and I want to use the DOM inspector among other features. It works, but it's at the bottom of my IE7 (Vista). My coworkers have a DOM inspector and other menus available at the top of their browser window which I would prefer. I can't locate any way to change this I do have an icon to open and close the Developer Toolbar at the top, but that's it. Is there a way to change this

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Location of DOM inspector on Developer Toolbar



Tools>Internet Options - Advanced tab - check "Enable third-party browser helpers"

This will enable Toolbar and BHO Addons in IE7. Display the toolbar with the View>Toolbars>Developer toolbar menu.

A word of warning - Always include in your test plan to run the browser with "Enable third-party browser helpers" unchecked. In this case you can use the Explorer bar - IE DOM Explorer.

Addons like form-fillers (Google toolbar, Live toolbar and roboform) alter the appearance of form elements, which can lead to confusion. As a base, your target browser should be set to the factory(OEM) settings.