We are getting strange problems with IE7 for our application which seemed to work fine with IE6.We have a add-on with IE6 which displayed a customized web page.When we prepared the web page and loaded,it displayed fine.Once we closed the webpage and re-opened the webpage,the page is displaying blank.But on clicking the 'Home' icon,the page is getting displayed correctly.I couldnot understand how does just clicking the 'Home' icon is making the page to display correctly.I am afraid.i cannot divulge more info abt the application.

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development How does clicking 'Home' icon helps in refreshing the page?


Hi Prasad,

What happens when you use the about:home protocol

Try creating a custom about command to load your homepage eg. about:mycompany - you can use a dll or exe resource to store your custom page.

Registry entries

Key="mycompany" Value="res://mytoolbar.dll/Homepage"