This is either going to be a suggestion for the next version of IE or a question about IE7.

As far as I can find out, there's no way to simply click on the Information Bar that appears when it has blocked a pop up to get it to open the pop up. All I can do is click on it and tell it to "Temporarily allow Pop Ups from this site". The problem with this is that IE7 then refreshes the page to confirm the new setting, and this irritates me to no end.

So can the developers simply alter the Information Bar so that it says: "A pop up has been blocked. Click to open the pop up. Right click for more settings" (and then do what it says) without refreshing the page

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Each Security Zone has an option "Enable Popup blocker"

The idea is that you only want to allow popups from a site that requires them for navigation (intranet) and/or is a Trusted site (that has been deemed safe by your network administrators or yourself). The Allowed sites in the Popup Blocker Settings dialog allows you to override the Security Zone settings where you want to allow popups for a site but do not want to place it in the Trusted Zone where other site features may compromise your 'puter.

Allowing a user to "Preview" the popup could compromise your 'puter. It may open multiple popup windows that would swamp your 'puter or Modal windows that would cause you an annoyance.

Well behaved web sites should use alert statements or the CreatePopupWindow method to inform users instead of popup windows.

Hopefully, web designers will give up on using popups. Apart from popup blockers, annoying online advertising is easily defeated by other methods.

You can turn off the Information bar for popups on the Popup Manager's Settings dialog or just site to your Trusted Zone


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That's not really what I'm after. My suggestion is just simplifying the whole process.

Here's an edited example of what I mean:

You just left click the bar, and the pop up appears. Right clicking would reveal all of the additional options.