Here's a quick sample page illustrating the problem:

The latest versions of Firefox, Netscape and Opera all display both boxes
just fine, but you can see what's happening in IE7. When I enclose the box
in a form, it goes south. Any ideas how I can hack the CSS to get it to work
in IE

FWIW, I chose this particular rounded corners technique because it's
straightforward and compact--I suppose can change, but I'd rather fix this
one if I can.

All suggestions appreciated, thanks!

Jeff Bowman

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 Bug w/CSS Rounded Corners


OK, got it.

Turns out I had some of the CSS mixed up from the original order. I
straightened that out and added the width style to the first layer, and

Here's the updated page, with a switch to view the CSS inline if you like: css=inline