I am having problems starting IE7. When I start IE7 it hangs for ages, maybe a few minutes before starting then everything runs OK. I don't think IE7 is the problem because when I start my network connection (tiscali broadband) explorer hangs too and nothing will run until it clears itself, several minutes later.

When I boot Windows (XPSP2) iexplorer.exe runs at boot and tries to connect to the internet but I have no applications that call this program at startup, (except maybe McAfee and JavaSun scheduler). I have checked the registry and it seems clear (as far as I can see!)

I have tried running McAfee and AdAware but they dont find anything. Have even tried a rootkit analyser but it also says nothing amiss.

It is as if a program runs IE7 invisibly in the background and the explorer/system can only start properly when this has finished. Does this sound like a trojan

Had the same problem before I upgraded from IE6. I have tried disabling add-ons but no improvement. One other thing is it will not play videos when called from flash web page application, otherwise they play normally. I have latest flash player installed.

Does anyone else have this problem Or can anyone suggest a fix I would really appreciate any feed back / support.


Matt Blythe

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Hello Matt,

You describe it so well! Same exact problem here. I was convinced I had a trojan and have been trying to trouble shoot this for weeks. I recently descovered a program called 'HijackThis'...I got it to run during the 'hang stage' (by having it ready to run right before I got online and started explorer) and I was quite surprised to discover that 'WLLoginProxy.exe' (Windows Live Login Proxy) is the only additional program that appears to be running during the several minutes (sometimes I'd swear as much as 10min!) explorer takes to start. If I understand correctly, WLLoginProxy.exe is part of the upgrade to Messenger 8. Why this program takes up to 10 minutes to do it's thing I cannot fathom...considering it's legit. I have old fashioned dial up...perhaps the programers assumed everyone has access to a fast connection

I have one other problem you didn't mention, 'ctrl/alt/delete' doesn't do anything anymore...completely disabled. Don't know if it's related...

So far this is all I know...Good luck to you!!!!


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Hello Matt,

first thing to do would be to specify your computer specifications, including the connection speed not that this should have any effect on the way the program runs unless its is not an always on connection (need to enter user name and passpord to connect) in which case the process might freeze while its waiting for an internet connection to be made to the service, but thats just a theory.

The file WLLoginProxy.exe belongs to MicrosoftR Windows Live Login Helper which is a legit service. I tried doing some research into it but couldnt actually find what exactly the file does, my guess is it that as its a browser helper object it helps log you into the microsoft services (Live ID login) which connects most of the microsoft featues like livespace, MSDN,, ect.. by signing you in when your computer starts (same way that it connects to the .NET passport on windows login, which is why it says how many e-mails you have in your inbox on the login screen under your account name if you have it enabled).

You said you tried disabling it from the add-ons and that didnt work when you say that did you click on disable from the add-on menu in internet explorer If that's the case then try dowloading and installing this is a program that lets you control your startup programs like MSCONFIG.exe does from the run command, only this program shows the active running background programs as the WLLoginProxy.exe doesnt appear in the startup on msconfig.exe, anyway if you install and run the program then go to the bottom of the screen you will see "Windows Live Sign-In Helper" right click on it and click on "Disable selected items" this will stop the file from running in the future, this shouldnt have any effect on the way windows runs as it can be disabled (but doesnt work in your case) from the IE7 add-ons, if you do have any problems just let me know and i'll see if i can give u anymore help.


Omar Abul-Ragheb

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I have the same problem. It started during when I was using IE6. When I connect using dial up, any applications that are open can ususally access the internet. If I launch an application that needs internet access after connecting, the system hangs for about 5 minutes. Nothing will run. <CTRL><ALT><DEL> will launch task manager, but only after the long wait. In the command window, if I type ipconfig the command window will hang for the long pause. I have seen references to this problem in other places but never an explanation or fix. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to have an answer

I am running windows XP SP2 with all current critial updates installed.

PIII 450mhz 512MB

260GB in combined C&E drives

symantec antivirus updated 2/19/2007 - no problems found

AdAware - no problems found

Spybot S&D - no problems found

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black dragon 2000

Hi guys,

First of all I don't have the same problem as you guys (yet), but I saw 'WLLoginproxy.exe' pop up in Zonealarm and blocked access to read what it does first and found this site...

I read you have no suggestions, and though I'm aware I probably will be totally wrong, I wanted to inform you about the following (especially after the first message, which hinted on a program running in the background and controlling IE7).

I have some trouble getting rid of a highrated malware hijack application called 'searchgateway--- hijack' (i don't want to post the full link, beginning with 'www' , in the middle 'searchgateway' and ending in '.net/search' to prevent you from accidently clicking it. If you don't have this site blocked by your anti-spyware program, please do so now) I used several programs and removed (part of) it from the registry and I blocked changing the registry through Spybot S&D to a file that seems to change the registry and install search gateway over and over again. I need to find a way to totally remove it (still busy with it, i'm searching for the file (that tries to install) which seems to be some kind of temp-file..) 

I have also had CWS-aboutBlank (second highrated hijacker), and it looks removed, when I try to test with the non-registered version of Spyware Doctor (first it appeared in there). Still at times I get a 'blank page' before I start my standard page (search engine Funny thing is, though these application only should attack IExplorer, also my Firefoxbrowser is not working very correct... so something attacks either both browsers, or more apps attack separate browsers... one of these programs at least is reported to bring in other malware also...

Reading about these malware attacks they seem also to have something to do with BHO's... so could there be a relation between such malware and a BHO program, like WLLOgin, not working correctly What do you guys think about this and did you have a problem with any of these malwares before your problem



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Get 'Spysites' from Camtech2000 and SpywareBlaster They're 'Preventative' measures that load restricted sites and 'Sites' in cookie control area of IE6 and IE7.

Adaware and Spybot usually come up clean if IE6 controls are set correctly. I usually find 1 or no items every week.

How can a "cookie manager" beat IE6's controls If you use iespyad, spysites, and SpywareBlaster, they load almost 7K of restricted cookies into the block list.

I have 1st. and 3rd. party cookies blocked 24/7, always allow session cookies checked,( session cookie has to be checked to work with edit features), and under edit button,( "sites" with SP2) I only have 7 ( I think) sites on the allow list which will act like a firewall "pass list". If I don't delete cookies for a year, and look in cookie folder, I never find more than the 7, and that's only if I visit all 7 sites during the year.

Set Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Advanced, Block 1st. and 3rd. Party cookies; Check "Always allow session cookies", hit OK. THEN Click EDIT,(or SITES) in SP2, Type in or paste for instance, Click allow. Check OK as you close each menu. After a year of surfing, that's the only cookie to be found in that folder.


One Caveat; Excite sets a tracking cookie, and after every update of SpyWareBlaster, I have to locate it at bottom of list, and right click, select Ignore list and addd it to the ignore list, or uncheck excite, pick Remove Protection.

PS: Now clear all cookies for a fresh start. Clear temp files regularly.

SpywareBlaster preloads your "White List" with thousands of Bad sites on the Block List in Internet Explorer.

A sidebar: Get Camtech2000's free version of Spysites. It not only loads restricted sites into Internet Explorers " Restricted Zone , but it tells you what each site puts on your computer. Read their " worst offender" list. Some "cookies" have java script viruses. Get updates through it's help menu.

Be sure to download CCLeaner from and run it every day!

If you use AOL browser, you have to open IE window to set the controls.

I dumped IE7.

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I got the same problem. I tried to find the physical location through regedit which was C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLLoginProxy.exe

then I found it here when it loads up with IE7: LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low RightsElevationPolicy

I thnk if you remove it you won't have the task loaded each time you start the IE.



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Let's just assume it's not a spyware/virus problem. I've checked with taskmanager, and process explorer and nothing out of the ordinary is running. I looked up all the processes up and nothing is 'bad'. What else would make a new network connection wait about 5 minutes to time out. Is there some network function that would tell the system to wait or pause for an event for that length of time

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I have the exact same problem. Everything hangs for about 5 minutes and then is fine.

I downloaded a Process Explorer and it looked to be ntdll.dll that was eating up all of the processor for me.


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XPSP2 Problems

I also have the same / similiar problem.

When I start my laptop everything runs as normal then about 1 - 2 minutes into browsing the internet my whole computer locks. I can't even get task manager to fire up. It locks for approximately 2-3 minutes then everything "unlocks" and continue as normal for the duration of computing.

I tried to have task manager running when it locks. I get the task manager window frozen with svchost taking up 99% of my CPU.

HOWEVER I don't believe this is the full story because my harddrive is not being "hit" during the whole lockup period. It's like my computer stays dormant for a few minutes doing nothing. I'm about to just format and reinstall because this is getting very fustrating.

I know it is not spyware. I am sure it is a program trying to access the internet or IE7 itself trying to do something behind my back.

My computer specs: Insprion 9300, Windows XP Pro SP2, all critical updates, 2 gigs ram, up to date AVG (paid version), Windows Defender & Windows firewall. connected via an "excellent" WIFI signal from a WCG200 linksys router.

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Have you guys looked at whether Windows Update is functioning correctly. The issue with lockups after a few minutes and non=functioning ctry-alt-delete are exactly like a problem I had a few month's ago. Actually it happened a few times and was always related to Windows Update. How I fixed was: I turned off the automatic update then powered down and then restarted windows and it was working fine again, after a day or so I turned auto update on again and it continued to work fine.

What led me to suspect Windows Update was I saw it trying to load updates when I turned off the PC at night, and when I checked the update site I saw that the update downloads were failing. However the last time I had a problem the update history was OK (but the fix still worked!). I did see posts elsewhere that talked about this issue and some of them stated that the issue would come back during the MS monthly download.

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I have exactly the same problem, with a newly-reformatted hard disk, brand new re-installation of XPSP2, IE7, all upgrades, Adobe Reader 8.0, latest RealPlayer and AVG. I also have NetGear installed as I sometimes use a wireless connection.

I agree with others, it doesn't 'feel' like a virus or a trojan, it just seems to be part of the operating system running a program for about six minutes usually, during which time it's impossible to do anything else such as open up Task Manager. It happens immediately after the dial-up connection, authentication, etc process has completed but before the home page downloads. The hard disk does not seem to be in use for most of the six minutes, and I've double-checked but can't find any files written to the HD during that 'hanging' period.

I've tried a few things like uninstalling Google and Yahoo toolbars, disabling Automatic Updates, disabling the Microsoft Customer Experience Programme, but no success so far.

My ISP is also Tiscali - could the problem lie there

Very grateful if anyone knows the solution.

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I'm having a similar problem with Explorer not starting. However, what's interesting is this only happens when i'm using the internet (cable) at home. At the office (also cable), it works fine. My LAN setting are same for office and home. i'm beginning to think it might be related to my ISP or router settings at home.

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I had this exact same problem.

If I connected (or allowed an application to automatically try to connect) to the internet too soon after booting then my PC would completely freeze. If I tried Ctr/Alt/Del then Task manager would eventually appear, after maybe 1+ min wait, but apart from that nothing happened for about 5-8 mins. No HD activity, nothing.

If I waited 5 mins or so after booting before connecting though, then there was no problem at all, I could do anything apart from connect to the internet. Interestingly if I started task manager before connecting to the internet then during the "hang" time proccessor use stayed on 0-2% at all times. It seemed to be doing nothing at all.

This happened to me after I de-installed Norton Systemworks (because it kept crashing). Nothing I tried could get around the problem, I tried re-installing Norton again, cleaning up the registry, shutting pretty much all non-essential services. I even de-installed almost every application on my PC but nothing worked.

Eventually I just gave up and did a Format and clean install, which I wished I had done sooner after the amount of time and grief it cost me.

Im running and AMs x 2 with XP Multi Media edition and connect Via AOL Broadband on a PPOE connection (Not always on, I have to log in). The AOL client is NOT the cause as that is not even installed, I just connect directly through my BB modem.

I would be interested in a proper "fix" or even the reason why/how this can happen though. Just in case it ever happens again. Mainly because I can do without another Sunday spent reloading my PC!

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Just got the same. Have just gone onto broadband with BT. I think its a settings/IE7 problem. BT use a BTYahoo browser and this is slow to start too, but uses IE7. Firefox browser works fine. Don't believe its anything malicious, just frustrating! Any ideas