Maddoc Davidson


What could be the problem that:

installed and registered activeX object (with OBJECT HTML tag) cannot be instanced in JS code

both in:

using - the id from the OBJECT tag.

using - var x = new ActiveXObject(myobj);

The activeX JS code is working on some machines but in some others it doesnt work.

all machines are XP or Vista platforms, IE 6 or 7 and an admin login.

Thanks in advance


Re: Internet Explorer Web Development ActiveX Object


These steps almost always provide some insight:

1. Verify Internet Explorer's security zone settings on the client with error. See if your control works in the Trusted Sites list for example, or set a particular zone to Low. If it starts working on lower settings, you know then IE is deciding your control isn't "safe", like for example it isn't code signed, or you haven't implemented IObjectSafety, or something is wrong with the user permissions (yes, it can still happen with Admin users).

2. You can use the Code Download Log Viewer utility to view what the Code Downloader is saying about your control's installation. You can find that utility here: url=/archive/en-us/samples/internet/browsertools/cdllogvw/default.asp

3. Use the DEPENDS.EXE utility (comes with Visual Studio) to verify what libraries your control, heh, "depends" on. Maybe there is a .dll that it needs that doesn't exist on some of the client machines. You need to run DEPENDS on the client computer that doesn't work with a copy of your control manually copied to the client machine. Another hint that it is this issue is if you manually try to "regsvr32" your control on the client machine and it fails.

Here's a reference to Microsoft's KB article on what to do: