I am a newbie, so any help is appreciated.

My issue:

Step 1 -- User logs in to site A (aspx page), username is saved in cookie.
Step 2 -- User navigates to site B (asp page). Page on site B has IFRAME whose source page is another aspx page on Site A in which I am trying to access the cookie that was saved in Step 1, but IE cannot seem to access this cookie (it is null).

Both sites are on different domains.
I CAN access the cookie in step 2 when i use Firefox.

Is this a limitation in IE what can I do to workaround this problem


Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Cannot access cookie from an Iframe


Found the following article on the web that helped:

I added a policy header in site A's master page's page_load event as follows:

HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader (name, value);

That fixed the problem. Hopefully it will help others...