I have a strange behavior on my application using IE6. When accessing the site via HTTPS, everything is fine but when i mouseover my menu element (which is a simple <a> tag inside a <div>), i get the famous error: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items "

Now, of course, i have done my homework and searched the entire web for an answer. I have fixed/eliminated every potential risks such as:

- IFrame Source

- Image Request hardcoded to HTTP:

- Ajax calls to HTTP

Another thing i did is using Fiddler2. Bad news is, i don't see a single HTTP request going out. This is making me believe that i could be experiencing an IE bug...

So is there something i missed or something i could try in order to fix this problem

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Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE6 & SSL/HTTPS (non-secure items)

Tony Garcia


I have been having exactly the same problems and I also fixed/eliminated the same pontential risks as well as used fiddler2 to make sure there were no nonsecure pages/images being loaded.

One thing that i am doing is using a javascript function to submit the form, Francois are you doing this also