Hello, I'm having a problem with FPSE02 on a Windows Server 2003. Basically I can't get them to work. The server does have SharePoint Services 3.0 installed, so I don't know if the remedy is contained there. But I don't know how to "reinstall FPSE" or if it's even possible without reinstalling SharePoint But the problem is that when I try to publish a site in Frontpage to the server, when asked to validate myself I try to use my AD credentials and it doesn't work. It doesn't give an error, but doesn't do anything else other than allow me to re-enter credentials. So I use a local administrator login on the server and that works. However, when I try to publish a page (the page I've been trying has an extremely simple form that is supposed to email the information), I get an error that says:

Server error: The folder "/" is marked executable. You are not allowed to put files into an executable folder on this server.

So I tried going onto the server and changing Execute Permissions on the Home Directory, but when I do that and try to publish I get a long "The server could not complete your request." error. If I now close Frontpage and try to republish the site, I get an error that says:

Unable to open 'http://asp....;

Server error: The Web server at http://asp...." does not appear to have Windows SharePoint Services installed.

Possible causes:


I am also unable to publish via FTP. I thought Frontpage was supposed to be "the easy way" to make websites Sad

We need it to be able to publish via FP or SP services for an intro to html editors class. Can anyone tell me what on earth I need to do to allow this Google hasn't been much of any help..


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Frontpage Server Extensions 2002

John Sudds - MSFT

Have you read this article It makes it seem like SharePoint is an upgrade from FPSE02, and a side-by-side implementation is only possible for virtual servers.

http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/sppt/sharepnt/proddocs/admindoc/owsd04.mspx mfr=true

It seems to me like a configuration issue with ASP.NET and IIS, but I am certainly no expert on this.

Your question is a little off-topic for this forum. You might try again with better luck on one of these:



http://www.microsoft.com/communities/newsgroups/list/en-us/default.aspx dg=microsoft.public.frontpage.client&lang=en&cr=us

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Frontpage Server Extensions 2002


I have posted there and am awaiting reply.

Thank you for your reply.