I just create one html page, there are about 20++ small .gif in the page. When I upload the page to the web server, every time when I try to access the page, there are always some images cannot be loaded, showing red 'x'. I need to refresh the page for few times, then only can load all the .gif images.

Could some one please tell me, is it due to my html page has too many .gif file How can I solve this problem All those images is very important to my page, means I cannot take it out. I already try to reduce the .gif file size. Is it better if I 'merge' the small .gif images to larger .gif images, reduce the quantity of the .gif images

Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Image loading problem. Please help.


do you have a url where we can inspect/debug

this should work fine, as long as it is coded correctly.