Adam Plocher

Does anyone know if print templates work in Internet Explorer 7 I have a WinForms app that I wrote in C# that is pulling data from a website and needs to generate a print job with some custom headers and footers. I've found several examples (all seems to be from the IE5.5 and IE6 days), and I can't get ANY to work in IE7.

In particular, the IE:LAYOUTRECT ONLAYOUTCOMPLETE='' event never seems to fire. I put a JScript alert in there and it never goes.

I've followed examples from:

(note to MS: that top url has several errors in the code example)

When I try to set certain variables (HeaderFooter.textHead for example) I get permission denied. I don't get any errors however, when it fails to execute the onlayoutcomplete event.

Does anyone know how I can get this to work in IE7 Is it even possible This web app is being used on a very specific environment, so if it requires me to change settings in IE then that's fine...