Jeremy Mullinax-Hill

I am experiencing a wierd bug that only occurs in IE 6. I have tested my pages in IE 7, Firefox 1 and 2, Netscape, and Safari, and all of them appear correct. I also ran a check for broken tags but everything seems fine.

What is happening is that I have a div and the only style is the font size and color, and when the page renders the text is not visible. If I highlight the text it is visible, even when I unhighlight the text. The space always adjusts for the text that is there automatically, so I know it is there.

I have seen this bug before at a client, but I cannot remember how we fixed it. Can anyone provide a solution to this issue Telling my client to upgrade to IE 7 is not an option at this point.

Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.050301-1526.