I note that the MSN side search bars are at last being re-branded to 'Live' and work consistantly as expected in MSIE browsers - when displayed as a side search bar the Search textbox and search button are resized to the width of the side search pane.

However, when displayed as a side search bar in non-MSIE browsers that are Mozilla DOM compliant, the new 'Live' side search bars are not formatting correctly and appear with the search textbox and search button centered within a div.

Test Plan:

Load either FireFox 2+ or Netscape 8.

Navigate to url=iepanels/MozillaSideBars.asp txtProvider=*live

and add one of the Live Side search bars to your browser.

PS. I am just posting the above url to my site now. Please allow a few hours before loading the url. Should be definately visible by Saturday 4/7/2007 GMT.