I installed IE 7 and upon receiving as my home page I was very frustrated and annoyed. I came to this discussion board and found the perfect solution by combining suggestions from 2 different threads.

The steps I took to reslove this issue are as follows:

1. Unistall IE7.

2. Go to the start menu and go to run and put in the gpedit.msc when you get to the drop menus go to user configuration. Then to administrative templates go to the right side and double click on windows components and then double click to the internet explorer drop then scroll down until you see the disable changing home page line and double click on that and click on enable and then click ok.

3. Install IE 7 once again.

4. Open IE and got to tools then go to Internet Options then go to the Advanced tab abd click Reset and then click OK. (it says do not do this unless in an unusable state but not to worry, no harm is done, it fixes it, I swear:)

5. Close out of all IE windows and re-open IE once again and go to Tools and type in the homepage you want and click OK and you should be all set!!!

I really really hope this helps!!! I did for me!!!


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Perfect Solution

Ciprian Sorlea

Why would you need to do all this stuff, when you can set your homepage from the Internet Options dialog