Vaibhav Gade

I entries in the toolbars menu gets changed or there occurs problem with checkmark.
i.e. Sometimes only the checkmark is seen & not the text in front of it.

Sometimes when we check some toolbar, other toolbar gets shown.

When we right click on the area along the right of menu bar in IE, we see the menu showing all the toolbar. This is the problem with that menu.

Why i am facing these problems What is the solution for it

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Problems with the list of toolbar in internet explore's view->toolbars menu.


HI Vaibhav,

See the answer to this post PostID=2106271&SiteID=1

Basically the solution is to reset the toolbar layout by deleting the IE7Toolbarlayout value in the registry. See the post for instructions.

I think this occurs because you have uninstalled an Addon toolbar while IE was still running with the addon toolbar displayed. IE saves the toolbar layout when it is closed, so the next time it is opened it is unable to find the toolbar that has just been uninstalled and the ordinal indexes of the available toolbars is out of sqew.