I'm trying to create a BHO that onDocumentComplete from dweb2 captures the HTML. Currently it works unless I have a DHTML/AJAX page, where it captures the code too soon.

Has anyone any ideas how to capture it when the page is fully loaded (datasource's and all) rather than just when the frame is loaded


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development BHO onDocumentComplete

John Sudds - MSFT

The DWebBrowser2 events are exposed by the browser and include navigation events, window sizing events, user interface and status events. However, once the page is ready to display in the browser, a whole new set of events comes into play--namely, HTMLWindowEvents2 and HTMLDocumentEvents2.

Unfortunately, I can't provide you with any concrete examples at the moment, but I would experiement with the onreadystatechange event.

Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development BHO onDocumentComplete


They ready state seems to fire before the page fully loads, for example for www.start.com, ready state fires when the headers for each of the modules is loaded, but not when the data is fully there.

I'll probaly have to walk the DOM and make sure each part has readystate complete individually.

Thanks for the reply John.