I'm fairly new to IE Add-on development so please go easy on me, any how here's my story:
I have a small C# project that basically acts as a auto-filler for web-forms for our intranet so that working fine and dandy.

I then converted this app into a BHO by making the winform app into a DLL with the pre-requisite Active and GUID to make a BHO. So that was done and working too.

I used regasm MyApp.Dll /codebase and works a like charm on three dev boxes(two XP-pros both running IE 7.0 and one XP Home runninge IE 6.0) but when I release to the two data-entry clerk laptops my BHO app doesn't work at all. The puzzling bit is that it registers as an add-on can be viewed when you goto Tools->Manage Add-Ons->Enable / Disable Add-Ons
and it is enabled.

The app is runniong under .Net 1.1 we haven't migrated to 2.0 just yet, the data entry machines are running XP Pro (2002) SP 2 and only on .Net Framework which is 1.1

So question is, how can I debug this is there some free tool out there that I can use any tips as far a registry and permission settings that I should check I would really appreciate any help as am almost bald because of too much hair-pulling.

Peace out,


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Installation and registration woes


In addition to the above, I've read several posts inquiring about entry points for the DLL,
I was wondering since I built the add-on via C#, do I need to declare a main() function too like those created under C++

Isn't the following sufficient for my DLL to be recognized

public static void RegisterBHO(Type t)

public static void UnregisterBHO(Type t)

Like I said it worked on my dev boxes but didn't at all on the data entry clerks machines. We are all using Windows XP Pro and IE 7.0, .Net 1.1 framework no other framework, plus I had a laptop with Windows XP Home and IE 6.0 works fine there too.

On a separate note, is there way for me to uninstall cleanly I mean I run regasm MyApp.Dll /unregister, works fine no errors but then I can't replace MyApp.Dll without restarting, how lame can that be. There must be a way not to hookup on windows explorer.

Any help would be appreciate.