I have been unable to figure this out. I found a few online articles about writing Explorer bars and bands, but for some reason I can only ever get the band object to display. I don't even see a listing under View->Explorer Bars to enable it, only under Toolbars. I did check the registry entries, they look good.

My code is essentially the same as posted at this article:

On that page it shows a screenshot with the control displayed twice on the screen. Once as a band, and then as a Horizontal Explorer Bar. I have never been able to see my system load an Explorer Bar written in C#. That's what I really want to do.

I'm running VS 2005, so I manually put in the changes required for that. I'm running IE 7, it's possible it may work as an Explorer Bar in an older version, I don't know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Can't get Explorer Bar to work in C#


It turned out after rebooting IE listed options for my explorer bars I added. Figures. :-)