Hi dear all, I have one serious probelm here.I am facing some problem with my mouse when I am using Window IE 7.0. Please allow me to tell you the whole story first.

Yesterday i downloaded one software called QQ from to communicate with my friends.Soon I find it is very aggressave.And i quickly uninstall the whole program.

Today while I was surfing online.I saw one picture and would like to save it.I move my mouse on it and did the right click to save the picture. To my surprise that I found there are 7 functions from that QQ in my right click menu.It is very annoying.I have tried everything to delete anything about QQ out of my system. I tried to go to Help of IE7 to look for how to clear the add-ons.It is very helpful.But I just could not clean out those anonying add-ons of the right click on my mouse.And it only happens when I am using the right click in the IE7.

So my professinal friends, do you have any idea and any suggestion that how I am going to clean those rubbish out Your response would be highly appreciated!

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development How to clean the right click add-ons of my mouse?

Sheng Jiang (?ęÉ)

If you wait to know how to add/remove context menu extensions for IE, see Adding Entries to the Standard Context Menuuse. However the additional software bundled in Tencent's QQ has some self-protection that is hard to clean up if

the unstall program do not clean up itself completely. You can use ShellExView to disable Tencent's search hool, browser helper object and Address Drop Target shell namespace extensions, and then use HijackThis to remove the extra menus.

It is even harder to uninstall the nProtect included in some versions of QQ. search online for removal instructions.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development How to clean the right click add-ons of my mouse?


Hi Mr. Jiang:

Thank you for your help.I found the HijackThis is the most useful one.The first way you suggested is too technical for me and I am not able to understand that quick well.The ShellExView is not able to detect the QQ application.But the HiJackThis did one exellent job!Thank you again.