Francisco Li

I have programmed an application that uses WMI Scripting to check the Serial Number of the Hard Disk Drive. The user connects to the Web Server and then the Web application should check and show the Serial Number. However, this works in Internet Explorer 6 (the browser asks the user if he/she allows to run ActiveX). In Internet Explorer 7 a Prompt appears and disappears and the user cannot tell the browser if he/she allows or not ActiveX execution (this is if the IE is configured to ask the user, because if it's configured to allow execution, the application works, but there is a security issue and the company will not alllow this). Please let me know if there is a bug with Internet Explorer 7 with the Security Prompt or if there is another way to execute WMI Scripting:

var locator = new ActiveXObject ("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator");

Thanks a lot for your response,