We have our production Website where some users having IE 7 , report a problem on a page.

our weblink is :

On a page, there is button on click of which the data is exported to excel format. Actually this click calls a second page via as

Response.Write("<script language=javascript>'frmExportAll.aspx passAll=true&sModule=" & txthidCalledFrom.Value & "');</script>")

Now what happens is when button is clicked, there is a pop visible however suddenly it disappears and the open -save dialog does not propmt to open or save.

To add to this , if we use directly our hostname of the machine as and then try to do the same step, then the user is able to download the file.


This is very strange behaviour in IE 7, as this is not experienced in other browsers.

Please guide us in this regard , as this is our production application and users are complaing abt this issue.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Strange Behaviour in IE 7


Is there anyone from the MSFT team to reply to the post. Please reply as it is genuine problem reported on Live application.

This might also help the MS team to know abt a new problem.

Please Reply