I have Windows XP with IE 6. I've written a program in Visual Basic that take a financial table downloaded into IE and sorts the rows using one of the columns. Using Windows Explorer, I copied a shortcut of the .exe program onto the IE toolbar, and created two versions, one that passes a parameter 'A' for ascending sort (.e.g. it runs C:/.../sort.exe "A"), and the other passes 'D' for descending. When I click on the icon I copied onto the toolbar, t works terrific in IE 6.

Now I install IE 7. When I click on the icon in the toobar, first a window comes up "File Download - Security Warning...Do you want to run or save this file ". I click on Run, then another window pops up and says "Internet Explorer - Security Warning...The publisher could not be verified Are you sure you want to run this software " I again click on Run. Then my software finally runs, but the parameter "A" or "D" is not passed to the program, and so the program crashes.

I've signed my program in Visual Studio using a strong key I created, and clicked the box "Sign the ClickOnce manifests", and put the certificate into the appropriate folder. Still, I get all these security warnings, and my parameter is not passed. I really want to run my software that I wrote for myself on my own computer pursuant to documentation provided by Microsoft. My Yahoo toolbar addin works fine without all these security messages.

What can I do to avoid the two security windows, and how do I get my parameters passed as before

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Running my program from toolbar--works in IE 6, but not IE 7


Upon further examination, I determined that the problem only occurs when the icon is moved into a folder on the toolbar. For example, I had a folder that stored a shortcut for Sort Ascending and another for Sort Descending. If I put the icons directly onto the toolbar without putting into the folder, it works without any security warnings and the parameter is passed. As soon as I move the shortcut into a folder, when I click on it the two security warnings appear and the parameter is not passed. So the issue has simply something to do with putting the icon in a folder in the IE toolbar.