I am creating a prototype of a website on a local cBig Smilerive that will be installed on thousands of other computers, also on their cBig Smilerive.

As such, thanks to SP2, there are warnings that come up when the home page of this site is opened up (yellow bar at top, several clickthroughs that you have to click on).

I installed the .... `fix' which was to add to the top of the page a `Mark of the Web' which was to add this line of code <!-- saved from url=(0013)about:internet --> as the very first line.

Intial problem was solved, this page now opens without any warnings !

HOWEVER A NEW PROBLEM WAS CREATED! Once on this page, any subsequent links to pdfs do not work AT ALL!

Question: how can I stop the error messages and maintain full functionality to provide links to pdfs

More: The solution cannot be changing settings on their browsers, or changing a registry key, or shipping a CD with the site on it, or putting it on the internet.