I'm having some trouble with a MIME type I want to add to my Internet Explorer - video/flv.

I think there is a new glitch that has occured thanks to a recent update by Microsoft, since this previously used to work fine.

The Content-Type returned from the server is correct (there is no content-disposition header, should that matter at all), Firefox easily identifies it, Windows recognises the file once it's downloaded...but for some reason I just can't explain, IE appears to reject the MIME type and considers it 'unknown'.

I've created the appropriate registry entry in..

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\video/flv

I've read some of the information on the MSDN about how IE plays with it's MIME types to confirm them, but I really can't see WHY it would consider this particular type evil and change it from 'video/flv' to 'unknown', particularly when Firefox does it so easily.

Could anyone provide any advice Is there a technique to 'debug' a MIME type detection

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Problems with Content Type Negotiation


I think MIME types have been 'hardened' in new versions of the OS. video_id=SpwlsCxY7vU - this is a direct link to a YouTube movie. Even if I register a MIME type of 'video/flv' (which is the Content Type being returned from the web server) I'm getting an unknown type when downling this thing.