Scott McBurney

I have a VB6 app that uses the InternetExplorer.Application object to open a browser window. It works fine with IE6.

With IE7, when I call the Navigate method and pass it a URL (in this case it is an https:// URL), an IE7 window appears and the tab on it says "connecting...". Then a second IE7 window appears, and it opens the web site that I want.

Any idea why two IE7 windows are opening and how to reduce it to one

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 InternetExplorer.Application object issues?

Scott McBurney

Ok, I found out some more information.....

It looks like the IE7 InternetExplorer object I am creating is opening the URL in a new window because of the https:// and it thinks it is in a different security zone (even though nothing is currently open in the browser). This seems pretty odd to me.

Once I added the web site to the list of trusted sites, it no longer does this. I even reproduced this behavior by opening a new browser by hand, which has About:Blank as its home page, and then typing in an https:// address in the address bar. It wants to open it in a new window. This seems really ugly.

So questions now arise -

1. Is there any way to have a new instance of IE open an HTTPS site without opening it in a second instance

2. Is there any easy way to roll out trusted web sites en-mass firm wide

3. Any other suggestions how to overcome this

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE7 InternetExplorer.Application object issues?

All In

Hello Scott.

Bummer! This suck¡¯s Vista clients can¡¯t register over the Internet anymore with VB6!!!

I too have the same problem trying to auto register my old VB6 programs using Vista and IE7.

Yet I¡¯m opening a HTTP page. When I try and pass registration info filled out in a VB6 program and Navigate to the page I also get the same behavior your describing.

Except, it only passes 1 or 2 of the 15 variables to the 2nd http. Page and after filling out the rest by hand and clicking the final register button it stops and returns an error ¡°The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable"

XP and IE7 work without a problem. I suspect It¡¯s the difference versions of ieFrame.DLL!!!

I¡¯m going to try and move it to https and try your solution and will let you know.

But this solution would be a major inconvenience for my clients!!

Good Luck Scott