To make a long story short, we have an application that automatically launches a browser window using this html code.

<html><head><title>Starting Inventory Services</title></head>
<body onLoad="javascript:this.document.InventoryServices.submit()">

<form name="InventoryServices"
<input type=hidden name=requestType value="br">
<input type=submit name=button value="Launch Inventory Services">
<input type=hidden name=retrieve value="ALL" >
<input type=hidden name=mrdata value="NO" >

The IE browser window is opened and the user is taken to the url specified in the code. The user is allowed to log into a separate application. Within this separate application is a Java applet that will automatically save a file to the users local machine in a pretermined directory

The problem is using Windows Vista and IE7, the IE browser is launched as normal, rather than as an admin. Therefore the java applet is not allowed to save the file to the predetermined location on the users machine. Is there anyway to launch the IE window using the code above with admin authority

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Auto launching IE with Admin authority


When I get an email in Outlook 2003 with a URL/Hyperlink instead of bringing up IE6 I get a Windows Explorer Window. Anyone have an Idea -

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Auto launching IE with Admin authority


I'm not sure how this code provided admin access before, but I highly doubt (outside of a security hole), that unpriveliged window A, can launch priveliged window B.

Keep in mind, that in IE7 sessions are now shared across all tabs and popped up windows... so if you are trying to establish a different session, you'll need to launch a new IE window from scratch (e.g. click Start - Programs - Internet Explorer)

That all said, the Java applet, when trying to access the user's local file system should prompt the user if they want to allow such an action At least that is what other browsers do.