Hello Everyone,

I am currently in process of modifying a code for IE toolbar which I believe is based on this article: http://www.codeproject.com/atl/ietoolbartutorial.asp.

There is a button on this toolbar that calls a third-part screen capturing software (SnagIt). When user clicks on a button, message box is displayed with [OK][Cancel] button. If user OK¡¯s the action, the request for processing will be posted (PostMessage(WM_SNAG, 0,0)). The problem that I have is that depending on a screen content (images/flah), after clicking on [OK] button, you will still see the MessageBox image at its last location untill end of the processing.

I have tried those two methods of calling a MessageBox from within the app:

MessageBox(¡°Question ¡±, _T(¡°¡±), MB_OKCANCEL);


IWebBrowser2* pBrowser;

HRESULT hr = pBrowser->get_HWND(&hIE);


return -1;

::MessageBox((HWND)hIE, ¡°Question¡±, _T(¡°¡±), MB_OKCANCEL)

Any suggestions

Thank You.