cannot get any sounds from any web pages in IE7, have upgraded, then downgraded Window Media Players, have downloaded every codec I can imagine and still nothing, sound card is fine, plays all other file types fine, just wmv files imbedded in web pages or wmv files from an url.. nothing.... and even trying to save file form web page to play in Media Player nothing... these files play in WinAmp absolutely fine, is there a way to make WinAmp the default app to open wmv files in embedded pages

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development no sound plays in IE7


I'm using Vista Home Premium, IE7 and Media Player 11. I'm just about pulling my hair out trying to get audio to work in ANY Microsoft product - I can't even hear audio on the MS sales webpages any more!

I've reverted to VLC player for all saved .wmv files, but getting to hear the audio accompanying Microsoft's demo pages (e.g. the "play demo" link at pid=CH100740841033 has got me absolutely beat.

There is nothing, repeat nothing, wrong with my Realtek sound card.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting audio again on IE7 on my new beaut, high-spec, Vista pc

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development no sound plays in IE7


I too cannot play Office Demos, or any other sounds in IE7. Brand new notebook with Vista Ultimate. This problem started on or around April 10. Anyone out there have any ideas All other audio playback appears normal. Hope an additional post will draw Microsoft's attention to this problem.