I have created a number of Side search bar shortcuts on my links toolbar to emulate the FireFox and Netscape Side Panel behaviour in IE7 and IE6. The shortcuts are in the form -


(copy and paste the above code snippet to notepad and then save as a url file type in your links folder)

However I find that the shortcuts are not loaded if the popup blocker in IE7 is turned on (the side search bar displays a blank page) or if the current page is about:blank.

The side search bar shortcuts work just fine in IE6 SP2, with third-party popup blockers turned on or from about:blank.

Side Search bar shortcuts allows users of public browsers to choose their search provider(in their language) for side bar searching and extends the number of Explorer bars that can be loaded by IE browsers beyond the menu limit of 8 horizontal and 8 vertical.

Please consider changing the popup blocker behaviour for links with target=_search in the next update release.


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development Side Search Bar shortcuts conflict with popup blocker in IE7

John Sudds - MSFT

Remember, you can reenable the "easiest" sidebar from the Internet Options dialog, Advanced tab: "Enabled websites to use the search pane*"

I'm afraid that an exception to the popup blocker for target=_search would be used by every spammer on the planet should it be permitted.