Could anyone let me know about the legal issues about developing a plug-in or add-on for IE 6.0/7.0 and FireFox 2.0
The add-on is to provide some security features.

Will I have to pay a legal fee to Microsoft or Firefox. Do I get access to any source code. Will I have to make public the code either with IE or FireFox.
Do I need any legal agreements with Microsoft or Firefox.
I guess it is harder to develop the addon in IE than in Firefox.



Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development legal issues about developing a plug-in/add-on for IE 6.0/7.0


HI karthnar,

You may find advice from http://www.oisv.com (Organization for Independent Software Vendors) or visit http://www.ieaddons.com/default.aspx cid=home&scid=0 (the ie addon market place) or Mozilla.org for FF addons.

As far as I know the only licensing issue for Addons for IE is the use of Logos and Trademarks in your product. Visit microsoft and search for "Made for Windows Certification" to download some tools and documentation regarding the certification of your products. Certification requires extensive testing of your software products on a large number of platforms

You can find plenty of information about IE at MSDN (object models, enums etc) and template toolbars and bho's from codeproject.com.

I think that the biggest issue that you will face is the stability of any addon that you create for IE. Beware that IE7 has a different security zone model from that of IE6. I am wary of producing any addons for IE7 at this stage as I feel sure that it will change in the near future as it follows a SDLC.