We have issue in our company we were never able to resolve. Our Intranet system was deleted so it was restored. Since we restored our server from backup we are having issues with Javascript. Any of our applications that call for a javascript file stopped functioning. For example we have control that call for a abc.js the application cannot find this file. Here is a mystery it works with Firefox but not IE 6 or 7. We have wokred with Microsoft engineers but they were not able to resolve the issue either. If anyone have any ideas what we do to fix this please let me know.

Things we have already tried and you should know before advising:

There is no code error.
All the script folder have permissions to read and execute the scripts.
The folder exists where it should be.
We have re-registered everything that is necessary in IIS.

||||||||||||||||||||| ENVIRONMENT |||||||||||||||||||||

Win2003 SP1, 1.1, classic asp, third party .js control, NetTracker

||||||||||||||||||||| ERROR MESSAGES |||||||||||||||||||||

Browser: Example Problem

Unable to find script library '/aspnet_client/basicframe_webcontrols_basicdatepicker/1_1_1959/bdpLite.js

Try replacing this file manually by uploading the /aspnet_client directory to your web application root

Typically the aspnet_client directory can be found at the following path: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\

||||||||||||||||||||| TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS |||||||||||||||||||||

Checked application mappings - nothing exists which would derail this.

Made a metabase backup named feb08 and noticed there is a backup from January 5th, 2007.

Browsing from the server, we had an additional error:

"Unable to find script library" webuivalidation.js "Try placing this file manually, or reinstall by running aspnet_regiis -c"

Ran aspnet_regiis -c and iisreset but this did not fix the problem.

Started processmon (, reproduced problem, got same error messages. It is now clear that the aspnet_regiis -c was of no assistance.

Examined Process Monitor files with a focus on Webuivalidation.js and Bdplite.js

The processmon log confirmed that the .js files are in fact where they should be.


C:\Documents and Settings\tmahmud\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\JGGF2L5K\WebUIValidation[1].js

C:\Documents and Settings\tmahmud\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\JGGF2L5K\WebUIValidation[1].js



C:\Documents and Settings\tmahmud\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\LQACG5LF\bdpLite[1].js

Had him run processmon on local workstation while reproducing the error but this log wouldn¡¯t open for me.

Confirmed that there are no mime types globally and no appmappings of interest at global level.

No mime types at intranet site level for .js. At web application level, no interesting app mappings or mime types.

Created test vdir and gave it a mimetype as an experiment:

Extension: .js
MIME Type: application/x-javascript

Result: Didn't help.

Made a new website, mirrored its home directory to the failing site, attempted to reproduce error, and found that js works fine for it.

Examined IIS logfiles of failing site and succeeding site.

Examined metadata of failing site and successful site.

Opened metabasebackup .sco and .mdo from January 5th in notepad and searched for ".js" and "aspnet_client."

.js was in the iislogmodule section.

Aspnet_client was in lm/w3svc/3/root/aspnet_client directory -- that's the intranet site

The current metabase.xml file is identical on these two points.

On intranet site we clicked REMOVE from office-forms and clicked CREATE. Tested = same errors.

From the standpoint of files and folders, there is no difference between the two sites.

Netmon was already installed on the server. Installed netmon 3 on the workstation and made captures as follows:

Start Netmon capture on client (after enabling conversations)

Start Netmon on server (after increasing buffer size from 1mb to 4mb)

Browse to http://problemsite/test/office_info.aspx and duplicate the problem, get the error

Stop the netmon captures and save them as ProblemServer.cap and ProblemClient.cap

On client do viewsource in html and save it as txt file-- as ProblemClient.txt

Start Netmon capture on client

Start Netmon on server

Browse to http://newsite:8080/test/office_info.aspx and hit two .js files

Stop the netmon captures and save them as GoodServer.cap and GoodClient.cap

On client do view source and save it as txt file GoodClient.txt

There are no interesting application mappings to derail .js.

There are no interesting mime types.

Current metadata seems to me to be the same today as it was a month ago.

\\chaun3\dumps\Jsccript problem Logfile\ has metabase and processmoncapture of problem. To me the processmoncapture gives further evidence that the aspnet_client folder and all needed .js files are truly in place and are accessible to the w3wp.exe without any problems.

\\chaun3\dumps\Jsccript problem Logfile\NetmonCaps --- has netmon traces from client and server, also viewsource html saved as txt files

Examined netmon traces several times

Ran aspnetregiis -u and -I at 5:37pm cst. The errors changed slightly but essentially it¡¯s the same problem.

Cleared IE cache and ie cookies on client = no change.

Here is more puzzling facts:

We created a new test server copied all the files in that new server. It had the same problem. We installed IE 7 on the server and everything started working.
Then we installed IE 7 on production server but the problem remained.
We then again uninstalled IE 7 on the test server and problem showed up again. Reinstalled IE 7 this time the problem remained. So when ever IE 7 is installed for the first time it works.
Another thing it never stopped working on Firefox.

Anyone have any clues what could be the problem.


Re: Internet Explorer Web Development JSCript works with Firefox but not IE

Andreas Johansson

This was some time ago, is still an issue for you