This afternoon, this problem happened to me. I searched microsoft web site to find the solution but all I got is forum contents. I am astonished and angry. So many people are looking for solution but Microsoft has not provided any solution. I tried everything after I read all the posts in Forum. I turned off my Norton 360's firewall then I could open web pages. With firewall on, it didn't work again. I can't let my computer run without firewall as my e mail accounts with hotmail and yahoo were hacked in sometime ago. Hacker even changed password, security questions, etc so disabling me from accessing these e mail accounts. Both hotmail and yahoo told me to open new accounts as the solution. Now I found Microsoft has not found solution to this ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm# problem. I disabled firewall for 15 min and downloaded firefox. Firefox works!!! I think Firefox is far superior product as it works while IE 7 is not working and Microsoft can't provide solution at all. Howcome Microsoft has not solve this problem yet As my Windows Vista is more than 6 months old since I got it and it is a part of OEM software in the computer, I have to pay 45 Pounds (US$90) plus 17.5% VAT for support by call or e mail. Ridiculous!!
Try to use firefox. It may work as it worked for me. I wish more companies come up with better products than Microsoft or Microsoft does proper things and supports (otherwise where they will be if better products come to the market). Anybody has definite solution for this problem, please let everyone know and tell Microsoft for everyone's benefit. Don't buy RegCure software to solve this problem. I bought it in desperation and paid for it but result - NO CURE. Waste of money. I asked RegCure for solution or refund. I'll post the result when RegCure's Paretologic replies.