Hey Friends

I have created an explorer bar , which upon installation & restarting of explorer.exe can be displayed by selecting view->explorer bars - > myexplorer bar.

Now is there any by which upon registering the explorer bar , can instruct ie to display explorer bar by default so that user does not have to click on view - > explorerbars - > my explorer bar


Re: Internet Explorer Extension Development How to display an Explorer bar by defualt


Hi vikr,

Usually you distribute a command bar button with your explorer bar to allow the user to toggle the view of the bar from the command bar.

The choice to display an explorer bar should be left up to the user. Forcing the display of your explorer bar is considered invasive. If a user wants to always display an explorer bar when IE is started they just have to close IE with the explorer bar displayed and the next time IE starts the explorer bar will be in place (you could use Regmon to find out where in the registry this setting is written when the browser closes, but hardwiring it will make no difference as the user preferences will over-write it) (I think the key is HKCU\....\Internet Explorer\ExplorerBars\{yourbarclsid})

You could add a BHO to you distributabes that would use the showbrowserbar method when the browser starts to always display your explorer bar, but don't you think this may be considered an anoyance/malware

Have a look at DebugBar which has a toolbar, BHO and Explorer Bar components.

If you want your explorer bar to be deployed with a kiosk application then you can also distribute the IE7ToolbarLayout registry values that will display your explorer bar by default.