Does anyone know how to disable a Visual Studio Just-In-Time Debugger dialog that appears for almost any website I visit It appears so often it is rendering IE unusable to me.

I am running IE7. I have Visual Studio 2005 installed (and VS 6, but that shouldn't matter). I used to have VS2002 and the Express versions of Web Developer and C#, but have uninstalled them (but could have remaining registry settings). All of this is on XP Pro.

In IE7, I have the options "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)" and "Disable script debugging (Other)" both checked.

The thing is, I don't want to completely remove the JIT debugger. I would like to be able to JIT debug the sites I'm working on. I just don't want to be asked ad nauseum if I want to debug sites like

For example, if I go to going to or, I get a JIT dialog. The strange thing is I have a similar environment at work, but I don't see the JIT dialogs.


Re: Internet Explorer Web Development Repetitive Just-In-Time Debugger dlg in IE7


Ah-ha. Found an answer here: postid=274145&siteid=1&sb=0&d=1&at=7&ft=11&tf=0&pageid=2

See the comment by FinnHawk (page 3, last comment in page). This fixed my problem. Hope it helps someone.