urvish jain

I have been working on a website. This website is contains some pages with video and audio activeX controls. These pages work fine in IE 5 and IE 6. The activeX controls are build in VB 6 and a video.cab and audio.cab files are generated. These cab files are used on page. The problem comes when the website is used on IE 7, there is an image grab button on the video activeX contol. When i click this button all controls on the page except the activeX buttons, gets blanked. the funtionality of image grabbing is still working and there is no bug in code of activeX.
Can you please help me in this regards.

Re: Internet Explorer Web Development IE 7 not compatible with a


May be try the following steps,

1. Open C:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files

2. Delete if you find any file named as your ActiveX class/control

3. Open the Registry, find the key corresponsing GUID

4. Delete those (may be one entry) keys from the registry

5. Now open our URL

6. CAB file installation pop-up will be shown

7. Click Ok/Install

8. The ActiveX control will be registered properly on IE7